Village Services



    Garbage, Rubbish, Trash and Recycling Schedule:


    Monday and Thursday:  Ashwood through Edgewood Road, including Sands Point Road and Cambridge Avenue

    from Sands Point to Edgewood and Ford Place east.

    The South Orchard Beach area including Linwood South, Marwood South, Kaywood, Norwood, Oldwood and Orchard Beach


    West Dr. and all of Manhasset Isle.  

     Note: Anchor Way, Sands Court and Toms Point                                         

    Tuesday and Friday:  Firwood through Kirkwood, including Cambridge

    Avenue from Firwood through Kirkwood, Ford Place west, Linwood North, Marwood North,

    Cornwell’s Lane, Dunes Lane, Cornwall Beach, and all of Manorhaven Blvd.

    Recyclables:  Both pick up days.

    Yard Waste Schedule:

    Starting with the first Wednesday in April through the last Wednesday in December, pickup on every Wednesday excluding holidays.


Holiday Schedule:

There will be no pickups on New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day,

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, or any other day that the disposal facility is closed.

 A scheduled pickup that falls on a legal holiday, or when the disposal facility is closed, will be picked up on the following day.

Special Bulk Pickup Schedule:

The Village will schedule a special bulk pickup once a year. A notice will be

published  in the Village Newspaper of the date and what items can be put out for collection.

When you May Put Out Items for Collection:

Refuse (or trash) may be put out at the curb after 5 pm on the day before pickup. To enhance the appearance of the Village,

please wait until after sundown.


All Items must be put out by 7 AM to ensure pickup that day

Complaints: If you have a problem with garbage pickup call Dejana at ( 516 ) 944-7445. The problem must be corrected within 24 hours.                                                                                                                                               


Large Item Pickup:  Meadow will remove one item per week per household

at no cost. Large items will not be picked up during a week which has a

holiday. To schedule a pickup, call Dejana before you put out any                   

large items at ( 516 ) 944-7445.                                                                                      



Hazardous Materials (STOP Collection): The Town provides for disposal                                

of hazardous materials several times a year. Call Solid Waste Management

802 West Shore Road, Port Washington at 767-4600 for the latest                                       

information, or check with the Village.       


Cleanliness of Property: It is unlawful to deposit any ashes, garbage, rubbish or refuse on any lot, plot of land, or in any

building in the Village, except in approved containers or otherwise secured as provided in the regulations for collection and disposal.

Multi-Family Buildings:  The owner, general agent and manager of

buildings that contain two or more residential units is responsible to provide each tenant with the containers for both

garbage and recycling that are required under the regulations, and is responsible to ensure that the proper unit or apartment

number is placed on the container. See the garbage regulations for all of the obligations for multi-family dwellings.


Dumpsters:  You must apply to the Village for permission to use a dumpster

and follow the regulations for use.



Vacating Leased Premises.  When a tenant or occupant vacates leased

premises; the tenant and the owner, general manager, and agent of the

premises is/are responsible to dispose of all solid waste and bulky items,

including furniture.  Refer to the garbage regulations for complete details.



Reimbursement to the Village for Pickup: The Village may remove and

dispose of certain solid waste or material and may charge the resulting costs

and  expenses against the land from  which the material was removed. 

The charge may be applied as a municipal lien and may be added to the next

tax bill. This applies to:

.  Material left out for pickup that violates any of the garbage regulations.

.  Material left out for pickup that is excluded material.  See Items that may

   not be put out for pickup in this brochure.


Contractors Must Dispose of any Debris that they Generate