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Dear Residents:

On March 20, 2014, a public hearing was held to discuss important issues for Manorhaven. We’d like to take this opportunity to update, inform and offer a brief overview of that meeting with our residents. The meeting primarily dealt with a Village-wide zoning study.

In order to insure future green spaces, responsible building, and a strong infrastructure, the Village contracted VHB Engineering, Surveying and Landscape Architecture, P.C., a highly reputable environmental company, to perform a comprehensive zoning study for Manorhaven. Their findings were reported and included a slideshow presentation at the February 27, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting which gave us several areas for consideration, one being the focus of the above-mentioned March 20 public hearing. Their study found Manorhaven had no real options for senior housing despite an aging demographic group. In light of this, and with our residents’ concern about this topic, we decided to hold an open meeting at the Port Washington Senior Center for the purpose of having an open dialogue and to hear resident viewpoints and concerns.

The discussion centered around the need for senior housing and the possible use of a
C-1* piece of property (*privately owned commercial use property on the waterfront) for senior housing. During this fact-finding meeting, a number of views were presented by residents and property owners alike including:

• the importance of keeping public access to our waterfront whenever possible in C-1 building zones;

• the need for providing adequate parking for all new construction;

• ways of keeping our business community viable;

• the importance of maintaining our houseboat community and;

• the overriding concern and consensus of myself as Mayor, the Board of Trustees and our
residents, to enhance the appearance of and preserve our waterfront community.

The result of this hearing was a vote to continue open dialogue on this topic for future public sessions before any changes to C-1 zoning would even be considered. Please note that all scheduled meetings at Village Hall are posted on our website at, on Village bulletin boards in our community, and all legal notices for public hearings are posted by law in the Port Washington News. Our next Board of Trustees meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, April 23, will not be including this topic on the agenda.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this meeting or any other issues, please contact me at Village Hall. I, or a member of the Board, would be happy to meet with you. We are happy that open dialogue, transparency in government, responsiveness and community responsibility has always been the basis of all our Village meetings and will continue to be.

Mayor Giovanna Giunta


Dear Residents:

Recently a report was published by Senator DiNapoli’s office (“Early Warning System Finds 15 Villages in Fiscal Stress”), which listed Manorhaven as one of the villages under fiscal stress. According to the report, Manorhaven only fell into the category of significant fiscal stress by .8 of 1% above the moderate stress rating.

What is important for you to know is the State Report was based on a three-year look back of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Eighteen months of which were under the watch of Mayor Meehan, and eighteen months under the current administration.

The Board and I took office in 2012. Our accountants have very carefully reviewed the report for us and their findings are clear. The rating of fiscal stress is primarily dependent upon two lawsuits which we were required to settle originating in 2010 and 2011 under Mayor Meehan’s administration. One suit began in 2009 involving Mr. Soldano. At that time, Mayor Meehan’s administration breached the settlement of that suit and failed to settle it for $27,000 thereby creating a case for triple damages which we were obligated to pay upon taking office to settle in the amount of $80,000.

The second suit began in February 2011. Mr. Meehan’s administration initiated a federal case involving the cell tower. The Village finally received a judgment on this case in 2013 for $424,342 with accrued legal fees of $207,117 which our administration was able to pay in full.

According to our accountants, once these one-time occurring lawsuit expenditures are removed from the report, we will no longer be under any fiscal stress. Reiterating - this negative fiscal rating was not the result of any actions by our current administration, but these matters were settled by our administration. MOST importantly, this rating in no way reflects any mismanagement or irresponsibility by this Board. If anything, it shows responsibility in the settlement of all of these outstanding claims.

In actuality to prove the strength of our Village finances you simply have to know the facts:

FACT ONE - Village credit allowed a loan of over $700,000 at excellent rates to cover Super Storm Sandy expenses - 80 to 90% of which were reimbursed by FEMA;
FACT TWO - Financial strength permitted the Village to fully pay a $423,000 lawsuit incurred by Meehan’s administration;
And most importantly for our future is FACT THREE - we are working on the 2014 to 2015 budget very carefully to continue to keep Manorhaven financially sound and strong!


Mayor Giovanna Giunta


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